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We are a small yet fast growing family business founded in 2015. Since the beginning, we set ourselves the goal to create simple, practical and simultaneously high quality and elegant products out of both classical materials like wool felt, wood and leather and modern materials like polyester felt and stainless steel. We at Rob&Raf put a big accent on the environment, the place we work and live in. With the help of recycled materials like polyester felt we take part and see it as an obligation to leave our planet behind just like we found it and even better.

Auto Organizer Rob&Raf Graphit
Körbe Rob&Raf Grau
Tischsets Rob&Raf Braun
Bett Organizer Rob&Raf Grau
Schreibtischunterlagen Rob&Raf Graphit
Tragetaschen Flaschentasche Rob&Raf Grau Tasche
Kinderkörbe Rob&Raf Grau
Kuschelhöhlen Rob&Raf Grau
Universal Organizer Rob&Raf Graphit

We have a passion for

elegant products made of felt, leather and wood

Polyester felts

Our polyester felts are 100% recycled material. The felt is soft and pleasant to the touch but still stable and unstretchable. These polyester felts can be cleaned in a washing machine as they are completely inorganic.